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Posted 2017/12/26 By TedSu

Tags: 大型盆栽(Grand Bonsai), 影片(Video), 整枝, 晶鑽羅漢松, 盆景(Penjing), 盆栽(Bonsai), 視頻


Posted 2017/12/13 By TedSu



Japan Bonsai Taikan Exhibition 37th(1)

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Tags: 2017盆栽展, 大觀展, 展覽(Exhibition), 日本, 盆景(Penjing), 盆栽(Bonsai)


Posted 2017/12/12 By TedSu


Tags: 影片(Video), 我們的作品(Our design), 滿峰園(Man Feng Yuan), 盆景, 盆景(Penjing), 盆栽, 視頻, 關於我們

37th Nippon bonsai taikan exhibition

Tags: 五葉松, 大觀展, 天帝の松, 日本, 盆景, 盆栽
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